Salon 131 & Facial Spa. YOUR neighborhood salon with an upscale feel without the upscale prices. We service everyone including men, women and children, so for haircuts in Seminole we are the place. Everyone except the family pet! We offer Cuts, Colors, Perms, Extensions, Waxing, Microblading and your occasional shampoo sets. We are one of the PREMIER Beauty Salons in Seminole, and as such we make sure to provide only the highest quality of products and services for our clientele.

Your Neighborhood Salon

Seminole, Florida

Our Services

Hair Cuts

Offering hair cuts for Men, Women and Children including buzz cuts, clean-ups and bang trims. Book Online or Call Today!


Adding style to your day is easy with Salon 131 offering Braids, Flat Iron, Shampoo Set and Updo’s. Book Online or Call Today!


From Color Re-Touch to Color Removal, our Color Consultants can cover all your Hair Color needs. Book Online or Call  Today.


Wash and Wear Perms as well as Perm and Set Hair Perm Services at your Neighborhood Salon – Seminole’s Salon 131. Book Online or Call to Schedule.

Roller Set

Yes, Shampoo Sets still exist, and we offer them here at Salon 131. Call us today or Book Online for your Shampoo Set Service.


Balayage is a free-hand technique of applying highlights, and does not usually use foil to separate the hair. Balayage creates soft and natural gradation of lightness along the hair strand—usually slightly deeper closer to the scalp and lighter towards the ends.


Brow, Lip and Chin Waxing Services available in Seminole at Salon 131. Paraffin Wax also available. Book Online or Call Today!

Facial & Peels

Anti-Aging, Acne Clearing, Calming Sensitive Skin Facials, Men’s Detox Facials and more are available right in your Seminole Neighborhood Salon.


Technique for enhancing the appearance of the eyebrows, pigment is scratched into the skin resembling hair. Call to schedule your next service today.


Our Prices

*2 hour minimum

This enhanced Jessner’s formula is for those who want and even skin tone. This peel helps promote an even skin tone and cleat complexion by lightening sun spots and uneven color.


Formulated as a unique peeling option for all skin types including those with highly sensitive skin. This gentle 6% TCA Peel will improve surface texture and brighten the skin while helping to promote and even skin tone.

This customized facial meets the needs of all skin types and targets fine lines and wrinkles while stimulating collagen to turn back the time in your skin. Effectively boosts cell metabolism while leaving skin bright and rejuvenated.

Purify and reduce breakouts by purging and detoxifying your pores. This facial is ideal for inflamed acne and those suffering from embarrassing breakouts and congestion.

Reduce redness and inflammation as well as restoring skins natural PH levels. This facial gently cleanses, exfoliates and soothes compromised skin restoring the barrier to defend sensitive skin from both internal and environmental triggers that cause irritation.

Debris and oil clearing facial for men purges pores while storing hydration and revitalizes skin.

Our Classic Facial in an excellent first time facial for all skin types. This relaxing but therapeutic facial calms, exfoliates, soothes, and strengthens all skin types leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean.

Initial session with 4 week touch-up.

Microblading is a permanent makeup technique where our PMU artist creates strokes with pigment using a hand held disposable sterile blade. Putting the finest hairs back into eyebrows with pigment to provide the finest definition and dimension possible. Controlling the shape and symmetry of the brows better than ever before.

Loyalty Touch-ups can be scheduled as many times as needed.


+ All Prices are “Starting at” and Subject to Change!